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The Collections b!design LVT, LVT-Premium, SPC and ECO offer a 5-YEAR FULL COMMERCIAL WARRANTY.

Validity range

Provided the floor has been maintained as specified in the user manual and used within the specified usage class and installed in accordance with the installation instructions, the warranty covers only the following areas:

    1. Manufacturing defects
    2. Delamination
    3. Severe, unusual color variations and fading, provided the planks have not been exposed to direct sunlight.

Excluded from the warranty are:

  1. Normal wear and tear, damage caused intentionally or willfully: Damage due to improper installation or maintenance, chemical decomposition from improper cleaning agents, alkaline subfloors, or damage due to hydrostatic pressure, burns, cracks, dents, stains, or loss of luster due to normal aging or external influences.
  2. Labor or the cost of labor to remove the damaged and install the replacement floor.
  3. Consequential damages may be incurred in the event of usage restrictions, delayed rental time, etc., which are related to the removal or re-location of the affected material. Any further compensation for incidental or consequential damages is explicitly excluded.

If consequential damages cannot be excluded due to local legal regulations, the restrictions listed under point 2 may only be partially applicable. Specific rights are conferred by this warranty, no further claims or rights can be derived from it.

This warranty service can only be claimed by notifying the distributor/dealer immediately. The notification must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice and a fully completed claim report with pictures, and the warranty claim can only be authorized by the distributor/dealer.

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