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With b!design floors, you can fulfill your interior design dream. All b!design floors are robust, easy to clean, offer a high degree of individuality and create a feel-good atmosphere in your home. These floors are based on nature and can therefore hardly be distinguished from wood or tiles – you can feel that immediately! But b!design is not only visually impressive. Due to their good thermal insulation, the floors provide a pleasantly warm atmosphere in your home – leaving nothing to be desired!

At the same time, they are durable and water-resistant. So you can easily install the b!design floors in damp rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens. This gives you the option of using the same floor throughout your entire home. With our floors, you can be sure of a carefree complete package: from the convenient selection of the right floor with our product finder to foolproof installation and easy maintenance.

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Basically, all b!design floors meet the highest quality standards. To make your decision for the right flooring easier, please use our category system. This shows you the characteristics of the respective advantages: from good to excellent.

The b!design floors are very durable. We give you 25 years warranty in residential and 5 years warranty in commercial.


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Why you should choose one of our design floors? All the advantages and positive features you can find here!


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Let your living dreams come true – whether light wood floor or dark stone look. With our floors you secure the carefree complete package.

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With just one click to the desired floor. All you need is your smartphone or laptop and you can see how our floors look in your rooms.

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Healthy living with b!design

For us, the areas of health and living belong inseparably together. But what few consider: how much the pollutants in our soils, negatively affect the air in our rooms. Therefore, rely on the floors of b!design, tested by Sentinel Haus.

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Everything you need to know about b!design

Not all soil is the same. In this area in particular, there are significant differences in terms of quality. But how do you recognize them? And what to look for when buying your new dream floor? We will help you and provide you with useful information.

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